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Toward a sustainable Switzerland: A commitment to energy neutrality and a resilient future

By passing the Climate Protection Act, the Swiss people have committed to achieving energy neutrality by 2050, and this represents a milestone for a sustainable and resilient future for Switzerland.

By adopting ambitious targets, the country demonstrates its commitment to mitigating climate change and protecting the environment for future generations. We strongly support this initiative and are proud to be part of a community that supports sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Through programs such as Climathon, Klimaforum or Circular Economy Transition, the Impact Hub Switzerland network is committed to making a difference by promoting positive change.

Each Impact Hub is ready to welcome ideas, projects and collaborations aimed at creating a new systemic, cutting-edge model based on circularity and collaboration. Together, we can create a Switzerland that not only establishes itself as a global leader in sustainability, but also inspires and leads other countries toward a better future.

Join us in shaping a greener, more sustainable future not only for Switzerland, but also for the rest of the world. Together, let's build a world where sustainability and prosperity walk hand in hand.

Let us inspire each other and amplify our positive impact. Every action counts and together we can make a difference. #strongertogether

Learn more about the initiative here


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