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Work with us

In Impact Hub Ticino you can make a difference. Join us and contribute to a sustainable and regenerative Ticino. 

To learn how we work in our team read our Employee Handbook.

We currently don't have any open position.


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Become a Hubonaut (volunteer position) 

Every hubonaut is special to our community because they voluntarily support the Impact Hub team in the daily coworking activities and events. 

As a hubonaut, you have access to an ad-hoc mentoring path to grow your impact project, and benefit from the Nomad membership

Are you a dynamic, curious, collaborative and entrepreneurial person? Do you want to work in a cool place, meet new friends, grow your idea into a project and donate some of your time? 

Get to know us, apply for the hubonaut position, and join our team! 


As an Hubonaut, I had the privilege of connecting with a diverse array of individuals and contributing to creating memorable experiences for them at Impact Hub.


It serves as a constant reminder that each day presents an opportunity to start anew and make a positive impact

Surya Yousufzai - Hubonaut

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