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Our Partners

At Impact Hub we believe that only by working together can we help solve the most pressing challenges of our time, locally and globally. 

That's why we strive every day to create deep partnerships with the local and national ecosystem. Our impact on the ground would not be possible without the support of our partners who help us grow and whom we thank for their trust and collaboration. 


An important collaboration born before we even opened the coworking space. Copernicus has supported Impact Hub Ticino since 2020 and is a partner of the  “Impact for Breakfast" chapter in Lugano.


Thanks to the support of CHF 25,000 from the Lugano Regional Development Authority, in 2021 we covered 50% of the initial investment costs. 


It supports the development and validation of our pioneering Impact Club project, with the aim of spreading it to other regions in Switzerland. 


In 2022, Sketchin joined Impact Hub Ticino's network of experts, supporting hubbers and Impact Club project teams in defining their  strategy and brand relationships. 


The relationship with the City of Lugano runs deep, and it started when the city rented us the villa in which we are based. The City recognizes the important work we do and has given its patronage to Impact Hub Ticino since 2021. 


We have always shared a common vision for the development of a  sustainable economy and responsabile entrepreneurship. 


We have collaborated to  further the development of the Fu-Tourism project since 2020. 


we share the need to build a Ticino economy that is more equitable and inclusive, aspiring to working conditions based on equality, justice and equal opportunity for every human being.

Logo Fuckup Nights Lugano-bianco.png

We believe that failure is a learning tool in personal as well as professional life. We collaborate with the Fuckup Nights Lugano movement and host four Fuckup Nights a year in our spaces.


They believed in us from the beginning, supporting us in 2021 with a CHF 75,000 loan that we invested in furnishing and renovating our coworking space. In 2022-2023 they supported the implementation of the program "Dialoghi sotto le stelle". 


AIL SA: In 2021 AIL SA enabled us to bring the STI program to Ticino.In 2022-2023, they supported the program “Dialoghi sotto le stelle”, to help disseminate  effective business practices in favor of a more equitable and sustainable economy. 


Thanks to the support of Banca Stato, we were able to offer more than 300 participants  free access to our "TED Circle Group Discussions" in 2022.


It supports the active implementation of the Impact Club project.


the USI Startup Center team and the University of Lugano are always keen on exchanging ideas, knowledge and practices. We help each other in building an innovative Ecosystem in Ticino


They are the Austrian counterpart of our Impact Club program With them, we share and compare strategies, tools and results, while developing a vision for future collaboration.


We collaborate to identify and suggest candidates for the prestigious Ashoka Fellows, the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs. They promote innovative new ideas that transform society's systems, providing benefits to all and improving the lives of millions. 


We share a mission to support and develop nonprofits in Ticino, to contribute to an Ecosystem Ticino with sustainable social and environmental impact.

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Since 2023 it has supported the event series "Dialoghi Sotto le Stelle", helping to create awareness on business practices in favor of a more equitable and sustainable economy. We collaborated on the Startup Day 2023 program with a panel dedicated to impact investing.

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We share a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Thanks to our meeting with the founder Jacqueline, our course to become an Impact Angel Investor was born.


Our activities often originate in collaboration with the team of SI FA!. SI FA! is a young association founded in 2020 that focuses on collective intelligence and business facilitation. SI FA! is also our partner for the STI program in Ticino.


In 2021, B Lab Switzerland supported bringing the STI Swiss Triple Impact program to Ticino. Today the program is implemented by SI FA! 


Manuela, co-founder of Impact Hub Ticino, founded U Lab Hub Ticino in 2021. Since then we have been collaborating in organizing courses and events that focus on U Theory and personal development. 


We collaborate to provide the best support we can to local startups, and maintain an open dialogue on issues of sustainability and the positive impact of projects. 


SIA, Social Impact Accelerator di SENS Suisse Social Entrepreneurship/SEIF Driving Impact innovation: We share our experiences in supporting social and responsible entrepreneurship, as well as the mission to strengthen impact  measurement. 


Through a partnership with Impact Hub Global, Impact Hub Ticino is an official partner of Climathon events. 


Through a partnership with Hotel City Lugano, Impact Hub Ticino offers discounted rates to clients and guests of events and programs.

Become a partner 

Each partnership is unique, and is born from the meeting of people who want to share visions, resources and tools. 

If you want to contribute to a sustainable Ticino, contact us. We will be happy to meet with you and  find out together how we can collaborate on current and future initiatives.

Do you invest in start-ups or do you do philanthropy?Would you like to get started?

Through the Impact Club project, we offer individuals, foundations and companies the opportunity to support local projects and cutting-edge impact practices to further the social and environmental impact of their investments and contributions in Ticino.   

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